Time and/in Movement

The perception of a continuous process of renewing and rediscovering herself inspired performer Rosiris Garrido to conceive the project Time and/in Movement. To seek reflection and expression on the role of aging in art, Rosiris began her research at the Retiro dos Artistas (Artists Retreat Home) in Rio de Janeiro, a retirement home for elderly artists of several arts background, founded in 1912.

The research resulted in two distinct works:

  • A documentary about the research at the Retreat of Artists as a source of inspiration for the creation of the performance and the importance of this space in the artist's personal history and some of her encounters with the artists who live there.

  • A multidisciplinary performance Time and/in Movement, a dance, circus and theater piece that approaches the relationship between physical vigor and maturity and the process of aging in art. With a lack of predefined artistic aesthetics, the piece is a sensitive solo performance with poetry, true storytelling, aerial dance and humor. The artist extrapolates the language of circus to reflect on aspects of life itself, and on the constant need of re-creation, renovation and adaptation through aging.

Supported by FUNARTE, Ministério da Cultura, Edital de Dança Klauss Vianna 2014
Conception, choreography and interpretation Rosiris Garrido
Direction and mime preparation Alvaro Assad
Dramaturgy Alvaro Assad and Rosiris Garrido
Choreographic supervision Carol Cony
Original Music Joaquim de Paula
Stage Set and Visual Arts Design Raquel Theo
Costume Design Fernanda Sabino
Light Design Aurelio Oliosi
Project Elaboration Melissa Teles-Lôbo
Capturing and Editing Video Rafael BisBis
Aerial Equipment Development Tobi Lehn
Executive Production Renata Garrido
Realization, Production and Administration Almamel Cultural production